Разговор с Демушкиным. Из невошедшего.

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Shortly after two immigrant men are brutally murdered near Moscow in what's considered Russia's most infamous hate crime, a viral video of the executions surfaces. Neo-Nazis take responsibility yet the crime goes unsolved by apathetic local authorities. In response, Israeli director Vladi Antonevicz goes undercover as a white supremacist, penetrating fascist cells to find and confront the killers. Assembling evidence with the brilliance and tenacity of a detective, Antonevicz discovers connections between Russian authorities and ultra-nationalist groups seeking to foment civil war and violently seize power. A real-life thriller delving into the inner sanctums of extremist hate groups, Credit for Murder paints a sinister picture of how a slew of unsolved hate crimes across Russia may have been perpetrated with impunity—and with the cooperation of the government itself.
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