I Love Emily in Paris but HATE Her Style (Part 1)

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Emily in Paris is one of the shows that most definitely will be remembered from 2020. The Netflix show featuring Emily Cooper, played by Lily Collins, who happens to end up in Paris, France working at a PR Firm and finding her way through the city. It has been met with harsh criticism for its stereotypes of both Americans and the French, which I must agree with but I personally can't stand the clothing choices. Many creators have discussed how the show is so unrealistic for so many reasons, but most haven't touched on how the wardrobe of Emily is so deranged, as she has close to $60,000 in Chanel pieces from bags, to clothes, to accessories, and I have met very few young people with that kind of clothing budget. The styling of the show is also quite hideous, which is sad cause the show is obviously trying to be aspirational, not realistic. But nothing about shitty prints clashed together is aspirational.

Watch "I Love Emily in Paris but HATE Her Style (Part 2)" Here: https://youtu.be/yo3_0ygT_90

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