[Donkey Kong Country 3] [MIDI/Remastered] Enchanted Riverbank

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MP3 + MIDI Download:

Game: Donkey Kong Country 3
Composer: Eveline Fis... er, Novakovic

After all the depression in the last months, it's finally time for something happy. And since there was no MIDI of this track anywhere, I had a perfect reason to sequence another one from scratch!

Most of the time, the XG sounds lend themselves pretty well for this song. It's amazing how close I came to the original! But in other parts... it was really, REALLY frustrating, and I had to improvise _a lot_. Since this is going to VGMusic, GM compatibility is an important aim, so all the good sounds shouldn't be exclusive for XG. This ruled out many easy solutions as well...
So to sum it up, sequencing this was part the most fun, and part the most horrible sequencing experience... and the last part totally ruined the refreshing effect this project was supposed to have!

This is obvious in the second loop, where I tried to convey the image of the thunder in the level with... fiddles and bagpipes. And more timpanis. For no reason whatsoever.
I just decided to throw in these random instruments because I randomly selected them at some point and thought they would sound nice. But when I realized they sucked, it was already too late, and I wanted to finally finish this damn thing.
I'm very sorry. If you don't like it, you can still download the loop version.

So yeah, this is basically just another boring re-creation I spent way too much time on. I hope you enjoy it anyway.
At least it isn't as cluttered as the original.

Also, all of the people that subscribed to me before the time I've uploaded this video suck. Every single one of them.

Yamaha CVP-301

XG Effects:
Tempo Cross
Stage4 (x2)

MIDI Voices:
Steel Drums (#000-000-115)
Marimba (#000-112-013)
Sine Lead (#000-066-081)
Aero Lead (#000-112-084)
Synth Strings (#000-112-051)
Echoes (#000-000-103)
Soft Pad (#000-017-090)
Analog Kit (#127-000-026)
Analog Tom (#000-064-119)
Gran Cassa (#000-096-117)
Castanets (#000-096-116)

Effort: 7/10
Satisfaction: 7/10
Depression: 9/10
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